Dear readers

October 7, 2018 is Super Sunday in the canton of Zug with the general election.

Zug as a business hub has international appeal, high added value and offers a large number of interesting jobs.
We are proud of this and also have to ensure that the political conditions are conducive to it. Tax competitiveness is just one of the many key aspects.
Competent and solution-oriented authorities are just as important as excellent infrastructure, the best educational institutions, an outstanding situation where security is concerned, a high-quality healthcare system and beautiful local recreation areas.

The Christian Democratic People’s Party (CVP) of the canton of Zug therefore endeavors to ensure that we meet the highest requirements in the fields of health, education, infrastructure and security. In addition, life should remain affordable and manageable for residents of Zug.

In the area of education, the CVP of the canton of Zug also supports the many private schools, including several international educational institutions.
However, political commitment to our international business hub is only sensible if it actually contributes to the prosperity of the Zug population and is noticed by residents of Zug. Families, the middle class, but also the weaker sections of the population must also benefit from the advantages of the business hub – as must SMEs and middle-class businesses.

As expats, your presence also makes a huge contribution to the success and development as well as the prosperity of the wonderful canton of Zug we all call home.

Many of you have already been naturalized citizens of Switzerland for many years or might still go down that route.

If you have the right to vote, we invite you to do so and also to encourage your friends and family to do the same.

“Voting is a privilege that is still denied to many people in the world.”

We would be delighted if we can count on your support and thank you wholeheartedly.

CVP of the canton of Zug

Jean Luc Mösch
Member of the Cantonal Parliament
2018/19 Election Campaign Manager